Rosewood – A Fictional Love-Ghost Story by Two Delightfully Inspired Fictional Writers of Today!

Rosewood is set at the end of the Civil War and is about a plantation in Tennessee. Read how the plantation goes through changes over the years in accordance with its many different owners’ wishes, it is said to be haunted but then at first no one really knows this for sure.

In the story, Rosewood the plantation plays an important part in the Confederate battle plan around Nashville, although all will probably never be known because William Claiborne desired it to be that way.

In the book had William succeeded in completing his plan for Rosewood it could have dramatically changed the whole outcome of the Civil war. In a time of courage, southern hospitality, a swash buckling hero and ladies of culture and class, Rosewood fits right in, for this was the time when a handshake and your word was often the only contract needed to bind most business transactions.

“Rosewood” then goes on over the years as properties do from owner to owner…

Read how many years later the final owner in the story puts all its pieces of history together!

Elizabeth had played the hiding game many times as a small girl and she knew all the good places in the old house, except now it was not a game and she was hiding in fear for her life. She could hear the men as they shouted and cursed while going from room to room in search of anything of value to steal. She tried to be very quiet. She carefully put her ear to the thin wall of the door where she was hiding. It was just a small, old storage place beneath the staircase and only had one, small door opening.

That was the original opening paragraph, written many years ago by William, when having a casual conversation with his sister, the subject of ghosts came up and she happened to mention a reported haunted house in Bridgeport Texas. With a few imaginative details then added to this Rosewood was born. When William Garrets friend writer Rochelle E Fischer, read what William had begun to write, her own imagination took flight and with one idea after another bouncing from one to another the story developed to become both a great fictional love and ghost story all in one.

Whilst doing a little research about these historical times, some interesting facts were discovered; That there actually is a town called Linden, southwest of Nashville Tennessee and that a few Civil War battles were actually fought southwest of Nashville.

In the book Rosewood the town’s name is Lindbergh, chosen to honor the great aviator, Charles Lindbergh. As for the title; Rosewood, well! William’s Mom’s favorite flowers were roses.

Everyone that ever read Margaret Michelle’s book “Gone With The Wind” will certainly adore this book with its story set in the same era too, for they will without doubt be moved in the same way, feeling all the same fearful emotions that the war brought, with the uncertainties of tomorrow, mixed up with the love and romance that is always ripe at times like this…

My name is Pat Simpson I am a poet, artistic book cover designer and now a publisher that helps other writers to see their dream of a book come true. I love to specialise in doing books for charitable causes, to do this I created the group called ‘Poets World-Wide’ With the ‘Poets World-Wide Groups’ most generous support together we have done many anthology poetry fund raising books the latest one being titled ‘Passionate Patriotic Poetry for 9 / 11. With all profits from revenue going to the most worthy Firefighters Fund. A great achievement by all involved.

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